Yes, There Really is a Pit Bully Lobby

Often times, whenever a BSL advocate or Victims advocate talk about the larger organizations and pit bull lobby groups, the response from pit bull apologists is this.

And to most people who aren’t well versed in either side, it does seem ridiculous to think that pit bulls would have thier own lobby efforts. It is ridiculous, but it’s also very true.

The surprising thing is, the truth behind the pit bull lobby had been out for years.

Jeff Borchardt on his blog has done an intensive breakdown of the lobby groups, includung the connection with the Animal Farm Foundation owned National Canine Research Council (that connection was found thanks to 2010 litigation with also has an indepth article about how the lobby operates and the effect it had in Montreal.

But BSL advocates aren’t the only ones who identify and recognize pit bull lobby efforts and groups. In 2016, La Presse’s Marie-Claude Malboeuf released a five part series on pit bulls, the pit bull lobby, and deception on the part of OMVQs presentation to the government (English translation can be found here). CBC’s Fifth Estate goes in to depth about the lobbying efforts in their episode Pitbulls Unleashed. Barbara Kay from the National Post says the lobby is like the canine version of the NRA.

Ledy VanKavage, head of the legislative and lobby department of Best Friends Animal Society

Even the lobbyists who do this work admit that yes, there is a lobby. While Jane Berkey did try to hide the fact that the National Canine Research Council was a subsidiary of Animal Farm Foundation, she now openly admits it on the AFF website.

BSL advocates, journalist and investigative reports, and the lobbyists themselves acknowledge that there is in fact a pit bull lobby.

So why do pit bull advocates and apologist still deny there’s a pit bull lobby? I think a part of it is that they really want to believe they’re part of a grassroots movement fighting against the (nonexistent) media bias and not people who have been duped by a multimillion dollar lobby effort. But I think a bigger part of it is because most sane, normal people would find it insane that there is a multimillion dollar lobby effort that pushes for the “rights” of one type of dog – because it is insane. And the realization that there is that huge of a lobby effort makes most normal people wonder why on earth pit bulls would need it.

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One Comment on “Yes, There Really is a Pit Bully Lobby”

  1. They are doing what most lobbyists do- protecting their financial interests. Pit bulls are cash cows for their advocates. Just put up a fake “save this pit bull from death row he only bit two kids he’s really sweet” ad and see how fast the donations pour in from the misguided.

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