Weekly News Round-Up: September 19th – 25th, 2018

September 19th, 2018

International News
AU Pit bull owner pleads not guilty to 4 charges related to dog attack that injured 3 people.
CA Veterinarian plays Pit Bull Apologist Olympics over BSL talks in Alberta

US News
Ohio County accused of destroying records in fatal dog mauling lawsuit
Ohio Rison considers pit bull ban
Ohio Family dog killed by neighbors pit bull, pit is still at home
Wyoming Citations for “dog attacks” using ambiguous “dogs” for two stories, at least one of which is a confirmed pit bull attack.
California 6 month old baby suffered brain injury and undergoes surgery after being mauled by a Dogo
California Fresno neighborhood concerned after multiple pit bull attacks by same roaming pit bulls
New York No charges filed in pit bull attack that left a man and woman with bite injuries and the pit bull dead
Delaware 4 years after daughter nearly loses arm from pit bull attack, father is mauled by pit bulls

Massachusetts Dog attack hearing to determine the fate of pit bull that has attacked two dogs
Illinois Two pit bulls who attacked two children in two different states are set to be euthanized. More on the attacks
Nevada Pit bull attacked lab puppy at dog park, injured puppy and puppy’s owner

September 20th, 2018

International News
AU Calls for BSL renewed in the wake of fatal attack on a toddler
AU Australian Model Suzel Mackintosh opens up about life changing attack

CA 9 year old recovering from pit bull mastiff cross attack
CA Another Calgary pit bull attack, this time a 10 year old girl bitten in the face

US News
Florida Pit bulls that attacked Riviera Beach city worker will be euthanized
Florida Man you shot pit bull arrested. Missing from this report is that the dog bit his son.
Michigan 2 hospitalized after pit bull attacks owner. Man may loose his arm
New Hampshire Police investigating pit bull attack on lab
California Animal control finally picks up the two pit bulls that have been menacing Fresno neighborhood after news report. They will be euthanized
North Carolina Deputy kills pit bull after it attacks him while on duty
Texas Student renters complaining about breed bans in apartments
New York Reward increased to $6000 in pit bull dumping case

September 21th, 2018

International News

US News
New York Woman and her two chihuahuas attacked by a pit bull that broke free from leash
Pennsylvania Woman who saved boy from pit bull attack with a car seat honored as a Carnegie Hero
Virginia Throw Away Dogs Project gets police department to accept a free pit bull from a fighting ring as a narcotics dog
Virginia Franklin county residence want more focus on dangerous dogs, as dogs involved in a pack attack get adopted out
Washington Pit bulls will be legal again in Yakima starting Sunday
Washington Woman and dog attacked by three dogs from homeless encampment in Seattle
Oklahoma Man severely mauled by pit bull (article only says dog, neighbors confirmed pit bull) receives 37 stitches in head after attack
California German Shepherd mauled to death in pack attack

September 22th, 2018

International News

US News
Washington Yakima torn as some rejoice the ban lift, others upset
Nevada More information and a plea about the pit bull attack on lab puppy

September 23th, 2018

International News
UK Dog owner won appeal after Staffordshires killed a yorkie
UK 11 year old boy traumatized after pit bull attack

US News
Colorado Pit and run in Denver against a delivery person
Florida Repair man files court claim in pit bull attack he suffered while on the job

September 24th, 2018

International News
UK Pit bull home invasion mauls poodle to death

US News
Pennsylvania Baby seriously hurt in pit bull attack. More info on attack
Ohio Pit bull attacks 9 year old girl, second time this dog has attacked. More information on attack and correction of girls age
Florida Couple fatally stabs pit bull they were dog sitting after it attacked them
Florida County could pass law aimed at aggressive dogs
Florida Santa Rosa county lifting breed ban
Maryland Pit bulls euthanized after attacking 15 year old boy
Illinois Mayoral candidate proposes doubling budget to make Chicago no kill
Mississippi Officer shoots aggressive pit bull while doing a routine sex offender address check
Colorado Man fatally stabs brother over argument about a pit bull that was also fatally stabbed earlier, suspect had bite marks from dog
Oklahoma A “boxer” (video surveillance looks like a pit mix) has repeatedly attacked dogs in the community
Washington Ban lifted in Yakima, yet no pit bulls have been adopted
Wyoming Cheyenne council may terminate agreement with animal shelter as result of pepper spray controversy
Connecticut Protest to save dog from euthanasia after attacking a teen

September 25th, 2018

International News

US News
Florida Dog killed in attack from three Amstaffs
Florida Pit bull returned home by police after seriously attacking another dog
Indiana Two minim horses attacked, one dead by dumped pit bulls
Iowa Maquoketa officials thinking of lifting pit bull ban
South Dakota Police looking for roaming pit bull that bit boy in Sioux Falls
Louisiana Man arrested for dog fighting

Commentary and OpEds of the Week

CFJCToday Let’s stop fighting about pit bulls and look for solutions
Baker City Herald Letter to the Editor, people are getting sick of the pit bull menace

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