Weekly News Round-Up: Sept 12 – Sept 18, 2018

This week, there have been multiple attacks and fatalities, as well as a multitude of cases being settled. We’ve found over 50 news reports in the last week alone. It can be hard to keep track of them all, so we’re cataloging all of the attacks from this week in one post for easy reference.

If we’re missed any, please let us know so we can verify and add it.

September 12th, 2018

International News
UK Man in his 70s attacked while walking his dog
AU Man fined after gruesome attack on 92 year old woman
SA 6 year old boy is released from hospital after pit bull attack

US News
Louisiana Arrest made in Vidalia pit bull pack attack
Ohio Pit bull kills service dog in East End
Maryland Autopsy confirms Conway was mauled to death by her recently adopted pit bull
Texas Lamar county woman recovering after third surgery from pack attack

September 13th, 2018

International News
AU City donates to school after flock of sheep attacked by “bull arab” dogs
Guyana 58 year old Ingrid Wilson accepts settlement in pit bull mauling

US News
Florida Pet cows euthanized after attack in Jacksonville
Kentucky Couple attacked by own pit bulls planning to hold fundraiser
Wyoming Cheyenne Animal Shelter under fire for pepper spray demonstration on pit bull that mauled shelter worker
Ohio Lucas county animal shelter euthanizes 4 dogs, 3 listed as pit bulls one as a “blank and white labrador”
Washington Skamania County woman survives pack attack from 5 pit bulls
Michigan Dog accused of jumping fence and biting 4 year old cleared and returned to owner in a mess of a case.
Texas San Antonio Animal Services deals with five serious attacks in the past three weeks, blames ownership claiming “the breeds were all different”. One was listed as a pit bull, another an American Bulldog (pit type dog), a “bull terrier blend” (pit type dog), a “labrador mix” (commonly used moniker for pit mixes), and an Australian Cattle Dog. No pictures of the dogs were made public.

September 14th, 2018

International News

US News
Oklahoma Pit bull that killed neighbors dog ruled vicious will be put down. Please note, they did not list the breed in this article, however previous articles do list the breed.
Illinois 2 children in 2 states attacked by the same pit bulls a month apart
Arizona Police shoot a pit bull, bullet passes through the dogs neck and strikes another officer.
New York 7 pit bulls found dead inside of trash bags.
New York Man who stabbed pit bull 50 times for biting him sentenced to a year in prison

September 15th, 2018

International News
UK Woman with a pit bull is victim of a pit and run by another pit bull owner. And the news ran a special report just for the reactions the orginal article caused.

US News
Oregon Man killed by his own pack of pit bulls after trying to break up a fight
Georgia Shih Tzu killed by two neighborhood pit bulls.

September 16th, 2018

International News
CA Fatal pit bull attack on woman, toddler also injured in attack

US News
Ohio Spectrum worker attacked by pit bull reporting to a dog bite call
Michigan Body cam footage release of pit bull shot by police (reported by international news)

September 17th, 2018

International News
CA “Experts” claim bans don’t work, despite public outcry and research that shows they do
CA Residents question town’s response after a pit bull kills two dogs
CA Owner laments lack of accountability after Jack Russel was killed by a Pit Bull

US News
Texas Pit bull attacked 13 year old waiting for the bus
Ohio Pit Bull forces its way into room and attacks child at babysitters house
Ohio Group trying to end pit bull ban in Parma
Florida Pit Bull escapes and kills Chihuahua
Oklahoma 12 year old boy attacked in Oklahoma City by pit bull
Virginia New Virginia law makes it a misdemeanor to not disclose dog bite record for adopted dogs 1 year after Margaret Colvin was killed by daughters recently adopted pit bull

September 18th, 2018

International News
AU Detective recognized for bravery after saving colleague in pit bull mauling
NZ Second dog attack on sheep, confirmed pit bull
CA Pit Bull fatally attacks small dog, leaving owner devastated

US News
California Baby attacked by Dogo suffers brain injuries
Ohio 4 year old recovering after being attacked by babysitters pit bulls (graphic photos)
Ohio Woman stabs neighbors pit bull after it attacked her and her pit bull
New York Corrections officer receives Valor Award after responding to a fire and fending off 4 pit bulls
New York Bronx family wants owner of pit bull who attacked their puppy to come forward
Texas Fake news report of a pit bull biting the genitals off a burglar in Mexico. Only Texas stations reporting, more information can be found here.
Florida Officer bit by pit bull while looking for runaway
Pennsylvania Police report: man bitten by off leash pit bull
Wyoming Animal shelter board votes to suspend leader after pepper spray incident
Michigan Coldwater man bitten by pit bull during alleged assault

Commentary and OpEds of the Week

Forbes America’s Most Dangerous Dog Breeds
Roanoke Times Rebalance worth of humans against dangerous dogs
City Watch Pit Bull Attacks – can we afford the risks?

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