Meme Monday: Can’t Identify a Pit Bull

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It’s amazing how someone can be a “proud pit bull owner” and at the same time, claim pit bulls don’t exist.

Pit bulls are only real and can be identified when they do things advocates like, otherwise it’s a meaningless term and no one can really tell what a pit bull is.

I wonder how animal control was able to identify the dogs as pit bulls if pit bulls don’t exist.

Amazing that a lobby organization dedicated to the promotion of pit bulls can’t identify the dogs they’re promoting.

The daily struggle of pit bull advocates, especially on mauling news reports.

For some advocates, it’s “dog racist” to call a pit bull a pit bull.

It’s amazing how quickly the pit bull in the “cute pibble picture” goes from a pit to any number of other breeds/types when they maul and kill.

Every single animal shelter/rescue when they’re trying to unload the pits they can’t pay people to take.

RIP to Tracy Garcia

And a special shout out to Animal Control officers who engage in this BS pit protection game instead of public safety.


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